New Rental Code and Permit Form

The following link is from the Town of Southold and is the Rental Permit Form that needs to be filled out. Click Here to view the actual Town Code 207

  • The house needs to have a current Certificate of Occupancy or Pre- C of O. The Building Department number is 631.765.1802 and they will need your property Tax ID number (located on your tax bill) or email me Jim Reid and I can send you the information very easily.
  • The Town Building Dept. will require a sketch or layout of the property (doesn’t have to be done by a professional) showing the interior layout and locations of the bedrooms. When doing this they want the bedroom dimensions and location of the smoke / CO detectors which need to be installed in each bedroom and other possible locations throughout the house.
  • A licensed architect, a licensed professional engineer, or a licensed home inspector who has a valid NYS Uniform Fire Prevention Building code Certification or the Town Building inspector (Mike Varity) will need to visit the property and then sign off and notarize a form to be submitted with the permit.
  • There will be a $200 permit fee which covers two years.

This will be a process, but in the long run will be positive for each property.

We, at Mystic Isle Realty, can gladly assist with this process so please call or email to discuss.

Jim, Ace and Meg

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