FI Summer 2020 Protocols


Covid – 19 Protocols Summer 2020

After much research and dialog, we hope the following guidelines and protocols will assist in a safer summer for all on Fishers:

· For the latest information in regards to Fishers Island and Covid- 19 please refer to

· We highly recommend that you complete the Covid-19 Census Form before coming to the Island.

· Make your FI Ferry reservation well in advance. You will need to purchase your auto and passenger tickets on-line as the ferry office is closed to pedestrian traffic.

· Confirm that the Ferry has your credit card on file so that freight can be charged directly to your account. This also applies to the grocery store as well.

· Upon arrival, your rental will have been cleaned and sanitized, and all touch surfaces wiped down.

· Our hope is to have the house sit for 24+ hours between any turnover and cleaning.

· If the tenant prefers, they may bring their personal sheets and towels.

· Mystic Isle will leave a small bottle of CDC approved disinfectant spray, and we ask that you spray all touch surfaces as you vacate the property.

· Please remove all trash and recycling. If we have to dispose of your trash, you will be charged a $250 disposal fee.

· It is recommended that owners leave plenty of cleaning supplies, new sponges, and wipes for the property.

It will be a unique summer on Fishers Island, and we are all taking extra precautions to ensure our island community’s safety.

We are not experts, and one should check the CDC website for up to date details on cleaning procedures and government guidelines.

Thank you from the Mystic Isle Team, Jim, Bagley, Meg, and Ace


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