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View looking over East Harbor and the golf course
View looking over East Harbor and the golf course


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Mystic Isle Realty was founded in 1975 by the current owner/broker Bagley Reid and is currently the largest and most experienced real estate firm on Fishers Island, NY. Today we have several agents who can assist you whether it is buying, selling or renting property on Fishers Island. We handle the majority of sales of developed and undeveloped properties on Fishers Island as well as the rental of vacation properties. If you would like additional information about our firm, available properties for sale or for rent, or Fishers Island in general, please contact us through our e-mail address or phone, available here! We appreciate your interest in our island, and look forward to meeting you!


Fishers Island, New York is a small, unspoiled island community that is approximately 7 1/2 miles long and one mile wide. It is located in Long Island Sound accessible via a 45-minute ferry ride from New London, Connecticut. New London is easily reached from I-95 and is serviced by Amtrak. It is approximately 120 miles from New York City and 100 miles from the Boston area. For more information on Fishers Island, New York, click here.


On Fishers Island, along with its parent town (Southold) and 4 other East End towns, a 2% real estate transfer fee paid by buyers exists that is not listed on any property within our site. This is a one-time tax that the buyer of real estate is required to pay when purchasing a new or used home or vacant property. All money raised in a town stays in the town in which the real estate transfer fee is levied and is used to protect open space and farmland in that town only.

For more information on the Community Preservation Fund, you may visit here. If you have any further questions regarding this tax, feel free to ask.

Fishers Island Property Insurance -

For any and all insurance questions on Fishers please contact my wife, Elizabeth Reid, as she is a broker and representing Amaden Gay Insurance from East Hampton, NY.

Elizabeth Reid - 860.885.9877 - cell    ereid@amadengay.com